Colorado Program Information

The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) welcomes you to the Colorado Metrc webpage. This site is designed specifically for Colorado Licensees and Stakeholders. It will serve as a resource to acquire the most up to date information with respect to the Metrc system in Colorado. Metrc LLC and the MED continue to work together to ensure we have an inventory tracking system that serves the objectives and mandates of both the State and Licensed community as effectively as possible.  We look forward to continuing the work to always meet this goal.



API Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Interested in learning more about the Metrc API? Unsure about what it is or what it does? Click here to download the API FAQ document.



MED Change Reporting

Need to update your License information? Please download the document below for the list of changes that can be emailed to the MED for Licensing information updates.


Colorado License Changes


Any changes listed in the document can be emailed to:

MED Industry Bulletin on Metrc Updates


Integration & API

API News

The API functionality and documentation for read-only GET calls for Transfer Manifests and Employee information is now available. Developers can view the documentation by following  the "API Documentation" link on this page. A new API Key must be requested by Integrators in order to work in these added areas.

For Licensees

All Licensees desiring to take advantage of the API will need to contact their provider, as well as provide their API Key to the integrator, in order to allow access to their Metrc account.  


The API Key is self-generated within a Licensee's Metrc account.

For the list of approved and validated vendors, please reference the information below.

For Developers

TPV Requests should be submitted to


API Documentation 

Colorado Vendor Agreement

The Vendor Agreement (link embeded in this section's heading) must be submitted to the MED, to the attention of Michelle Bauman


API Vendor Lists

The Metrc Integrator document provides the Colorado Marijuana Industry Licensees with a list of third party companies who are currently participating in the Metrc Application Programming Interface (API) integration program.  This list identifies integrators as either Registered or Validated. This list is updated regularly as new companies are approved by the MED.

Registered: Integrators on this list have received Metrc LLC training, instructions and have signed a Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) Confidentiality and User Agreement. These “Registered” integrators have been provided with access to the Metrc API for sales upload.

Validated: integrators on this list have met requirements to be considered “Registered” and have taken the additional step of having demonstrated their ability to perform the functions specified in the validation section. These “Validated” integrators have been provided with access to the Metrc API and can integrate with each area specified.

It remains the responsibility of the Licensee to enter accurate information into the system to comply with all rules and regulations. The “Validated” integrator has demonstrated an ability to perform functions using the Metrc API, but the licensee must always ensure the information entered into Metrc is accurate. As an example, the validation process only verifies the integrator’s ability to successfully “put” a package into the Metrc system, it does not validate whether or not the quantity or unit price of the package is in fact accurate. Industry participants will need to work directly with the member to obtain support for their solution.

If you have questions about this list or the process of becoming “Registered” or “Validated”, including how your business could become validated, please contact Metrc at

Please download a copy of the Colorado / Metrc API validated integrators list. Click here to view the list.











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