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On behalf of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), I welcome you to the Metrc LLC Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Regulation and Compliance system (Metrc) site. This system is essential for public health and public safety.
Metrc LLC's tracking system is an integral part of the MMCC’s responsibility to ensure that medical cannabis and products will be safely monitored prior to sale throughout the State of Maryland. Every MMCC licensee is required to participate in the state wide tracking system program.
Metrc LLC is responsible for implementation of the technical and operational components of the tracking system. The MMCC is responsible for overall program management, compliance and enforcement of the statutory and regulatory state framework of the medical cannabis program. Metrc LLC will provide licensees with training sessions, webinars and instructions to facilitate a thorough understanding of the process and functionality.  Prospective licensees will be required to take and pass a knowledge-based test of the Metrc system and comply with all of Maryland’s regulatory requirements prior to MMCC issuing any licenses.
We encourage you to use the information and tools found here and on the MMCC 
( website to become successful industry licensees in this newly established market. We look forward to working with you.

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Q: What company did the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) contract with for its marijuana inventory tracking system?


A: The State of Maryland, MMCC has entered into a contract with Metrc LLC to provide a marijuana inventory tracking solution. The solution is called Metrc.

Q: Does Metrc LLC have any experience in this industry?


A: Metrc LLC provides marijuana inventory tracking solutions for ten different states and the District of Columbia and has been providing supply chain solutions since 1993.

Q: Why did the State of Maryland contract with Metrc LLC to provide this service?


A:  Metrc LLC became the State’s contractor through a highly competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) evaluation process.

Q: What is the name of the system used by Metrc LLC?


A: Metrc LLC’s solution for the State of Maryland is called METRC®.

Q: How does the system work?


A: METRC is a hosted, real-time system that uses serialized tags with barcode, human-readable and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to every plant, and labels attached to wholesale packages to track marijuana inventory. Each tag is attached to a plant to facilitate tracking through different stages of growth, as well the drying and curing processes.

Q: Is there a cost to licensees to use METRC? If so what are they?


A: Yes for the tags used to track the plants and packages, costs are $0.45 each for plant tags and $0.25 each for package tags.

Q: Do I need to purchase any additional hardware such as computers, barcode readers or RFID readers.


A:  Metrc is a completely web-hosted system. That means that all access to Metrc is done via the internet and only requires an internet connection and a web browser. No additional hardware is required.  Also, there is no software to download, install, or maintain.

Q: Do I have to use METRC? What if I want to use my own inventory control system?


A: You must use METRC to track your marijuana, but you can use your own Point-of-Sale software or other inventory management software for your own purposes. Metrc LLC will provide an Application Programming Interface (API) to customers who wish to use a third-party inventory management system. Each licensee is responsible for ensuring their ability to interface with the state procured system. All licensees will be required to use the tags supplied by Metrc LLC.


Q: Will other licensees be able to see my inventory information?


A: No. Licensees will only be able to access their own information through METRC. They will not be able see any information about any other licensee.


Q: How will we learn to use the system?


A: If the you are an active employee working in an active facility within the State of Maryland, you can utilize the training sign up above. When signing up please be prepared to provide a Facility License Number, Company Name, Email, First and Last Name, Phone, and Agent Number. Metrc will offer a New Business Training class every Monday from 2:00 – 5:00 PM ET. Advanced Dispensary Training Classes will be provided every Tuesday from 2:00 – 4:00 PM ET.

Q: What if I have technical issues after the system has deployed?


A: Metrc LLC has a dedicated team of support staff who will be available to resolve any technical support issues. The support desk can be contacted via phone or email.


Q: Are RFID readers required?


A: Activities in Metrc can be accomplished without Barcode scanners or RFID readers. Although the use of these tools can increase productivity and efficiencies, it will be up to each licensee to decide to use Barcode or RFID readers, but their use is not required.


Q: Does Metrc have an interface to allow for connection of 3rd party system?


A: Yes, Metrc offers an Interface called an API that allows 3rd party providers the ability to interface. More information is located in the Validated Software Providers page above.
Q: Do I have to use a 3rd party system to enter information into Metrc?


A: No, Metrc can be used as a standalone system with direct data entry. However, Metrc will be Validating qualified point of sale and inventory management vendors before they’re allowed to use Metrc.


Important Links


Integration & API

For third party vendors, the steps to obtain access to the Metrc API in Maryland are:

1. Request API developers documents and complete the information requested and email to

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

  • Company Website

  • Company Phone Number

  • Primary Contact Name

  • Primary Contact Email

  • Primary Contact Phone Number

  • Secondary Contact Name

  • Secondary Contact Email

  • Secondary Contact Phone Number

  • Name of Software

2. Attend a Metrc training class and complete the test.

3. Download, sign and return the MMCC API Use Agreement to and copy This must be signed by a person with signature authority within the company, such as an Officer.

4. Once Metrc receives approval for the API User Agreement, a test vendor API key for the sandbox will be generated.

5. Complete Capability Assessment in the sandbox. A document of the functionality assessment criteria will be provided to you when you submit your request. Requests should be submitted after completion of the Metrc training, not prior.

After these steps are complete and the evaluation is validated, Metrc LLC will issue a production vendor API key. When Metrc sends your production vendor API key, we will also ask for your company and contact information to add it to the Validated Integrator List.


Metrc Training

The Metrc training process for licensees in the state of Maryland:


The MMCC will notify Metrc and the Licensee they are permitted to take training after:

  • The Business License is issued 

  • The Agent registration process is complete and an ID has been issued

Owners and employees may then sign up for training through the training portal shown on this page (coming soon or from for on-going training, after they have been credentialed into the system.

  • Owners and employees may then take training and follow-on test.

  • Metrc will notify the MMCC and the Licensee of testing results.

  • A Certificate will be E-mailed.


For any questions, licensees may call Metrc Support at 877-566-6506.

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