Update: The City of Lakeland, Florida, where Metrc is headquartered, has recognized us as an essential business.

Metrc COVID-19 Status and Precautions 

As we continue to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19, Metrc is taking precautionary steps to ensure the safety of our employees and the continued operation of our track-and-trace system. The City of Lakeland, Florida, where Metrc is headquartered, has recognized us as an essential business. This will help ensure the ongoing delivery of our technology and services during the national emergency.


We do not anticipate any material impact to our normal business activities, and we will provide updates accordingly if that changes. 

Software and Support

The majority of our employees are capable of working remotely, meaning that they are well positioned for social distancing and other preventative measures. That means our software developers will continue to maintain and improve the platform, and our support team remains available Monday through Friday from 10am – 9pm and on Saturday from 10 am – 8 pm ET via phone (877-566-6506) and email (support@metrc.com).

Tag Provisioning

Our tag provisioning team remains at work in our warehouse, ensuring a supply of plant and package tags to licensees. To keep them safe and mitigate the risk of exposure, we implemented new safety protocols. They include:

  • Sanitizing hands upon arriving to the office;

  • Positioning workstations at least six feet apart;

  • Limiting body contact;

  • Using disposable gloves;

  • Sanitizing all surface areas every three hours;

  • Hiring a professional janitorial service to perform a daily deep clean;

  • Limiting the shift size of our provisioning staff to nine or less;

  • Training additional provisioning employees in case of necessary absences;

  • Requiring provisioning employees to wear cloth masks at work.

Supply Chain

We source our tag inventory from multiple suppliers that are primarily based in the United States. We have been working closely with these suppliers and shipping partners to evaluate possible impacts, and we do not currently anticipate any supply or delivery issues.

We will continue to keep you informed as we respond to this outbreak and update our policies and operations as necessary in collaboration with state agencies. Rest assured that we are taking every precaution to ensure that our system, and the markets that depend on it, will continue to function. We hope you, your employees, and your communities stay safe and healthy.

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