The Nevada Department of Taxation’s Marijuana Enforcement Division welcomes you to Metrc LLC – Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance). Nevada has selected Metrc as the state inventory tracking and compliance system for marijuana establishments. Effective November 1, 2017, all medical and adult-use marijuana establishments in Nevada must report their establishment data to the state of Nevada via Metrc. This includes cultivators, product manufacturers, testing labs, distributors, and dispensaries/retail stores.

This site is intended to give establishments information that will help them use Metrc to remain in compliance with Nevada’s tracking and reporting requirements. More information may be added to this page during and beyond Nevada’s transition to Metrc.

For information on Nevada’s marijuana program – including regulatory requirements – visit the Department of Taxation’s website at

Metrc is providing live, in-person training classes and web based training classes for licensed industry participants and businesses. To sign-up for one of these workshops, please click "Schedule Training Now" on the right.



Q - Can I integrate before the November 1st deadline?


A - For Integrators – Information will be put out about the integration path for the state shortly. If you are already validated in the state of Oregon and Colorado you will be able to get your Nevada API key soon after go-live. A conference call will be scheduled to explain the process. Look for a Metrc API integrator bulletin.


A - For licensees – If you are using a third part software you can reach out to your Point of Sale or solution provider for details. If you have your own software please reach out to Metrc support for more details on how the process will work.


Q - Can I purchase the software now before November 1st and how much is it?

A - There is no software to purchase. Metrc is cloud hosted and will be made available to all industry participants. Metrc does have a $ 40.00 per month program fee that covers training and support. The Nevada Department of Taxation, Marijuana Enforcement Division is taking care of this fee for the first year. The only costs associated to using Metrc for the industry will be the .45 cents for the plant tag and .25 cent fee for the package tag. More details will be provided in the road-show scheduled for the week of October 9th. Please see the scheduler for more details.   


Q - Can I order tags now before we integrate?

A - Tags can only be ordered after you have been credentialed into the system. We will be training and credentialing licensees into the system in and around the November first go-live date. More details will be provided in the road-show the week of October 9th. Please see the scheduler for more details.   


Q - Can I take training now?

A- Training will begin the week of October 23rd in preparation for the November 1st go-live date. Licensees will be able to begin registering for the on-line training on October 16th. Registration will be made available on the training scheduler. Metrc will also be having a few in-person trainings. The Metrc training scheduler on the Nevada Metrc page will provide more details as they become available. More details will also be provided during the upcoming road-show.


Q - Are you a Point of Sale provider?

A - Metrc does have a way of recording sales, but does not have a Point of Sale system. Metrc works with over 40 companies who have Point of Sale solutions. As we validate Point of Sale and other solution providers we will provide a list of validated companies for the industry. More details will be made available during the road-show.


Q - Will Metrc work in the store for inventory or is it only for producers?

A - Metrc does cover transactions in all license types including cultivation, Processing facilities, Labs, Retailers and dispensaries


Q - Will there be any requirement of tracking products prior to launching with Metrc?

A - Please refer questions regarding track and trace requirements prior to the November 1st go-live date to the Nevada Department of Taxation, Marijuana Enforcement Division.


Q - How much are the tags?

A - Plant tags are $.45 for plants and $.25 for packages. Tagging requirements, how and what to tag will be explained in more detail in the road-show.


Q - What training materials can I download?

A - Training materials are available once a licensee has been credentialed into the system. Metrc offers manuals, state specific supplemental guides, lab guides and other instructional material. Metrc also has a YouTube channel licensee can go to at any time. The 28 videos are between 5 and 8 minutes each and cover almost all areas of the system.


Q - How do I log in?

A - Log in instructions will be provided during training.


Q- How do I get my credentials?

A -Licensee will be credentialed into the system after they have completed the training.


Q - What is the timeline for the November 1st switch?

A - More details around the schedule will be provided in the October road-show presentation.


Q - Should I continue to use MJ Freeway even though we are going to use Metrc? Do I have to use both? Can I use both?

A - Licensees are required to report all transactions into Metrc per the Nevada Department of Taxation, Marijuana Enforcement Division schedule. If a licensee chooses to use a 3rd party solution provider they are free to choose whichever solution provider they are comfortable with. We strongly encourage licensees to attend the road-show and learn more about the system and the validated vendor program.




Integration & API

For licensees, check back on this page in the upcoming weeks for a list of validated third party integrators who are certified to provide software which integrates with Metrc.

For third party vendors already validated in both Colorado and Oregon, please follow steps 3 and 4 in the section below.

For third party vendors not validated in both Colorado and Oregon, and for new third party vendors, the steps to obtain access to the Metrc API in Nevada are:

1. Request API developers documents and complete the information requested and email to

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

  • Company Website

  • Company Phone Number

  • Primary Contact Name

  • Primary Contact Email

  • Primary Contact Phone Number

  • Secondary Contact Name

  • Secondary Contact Email

  • Secondary Contact Phone Number

  • Name of Software

2. Attend a Metrc training class and complete the test.

3. Download, sign and return the API Use Agreement to . This must be signed by a person with signature authority within the company, such as an Officer.

4. Request API sandbox access. When you request access to the sandbox you must specify which areas of Metrc to which you will need access. The areas will include where you are looking to be certified:

  • Harvests

  • Items

  • Lab Tests

  • Packages

  • Patients

  • Plant Batches

  • Plants

  • Rooms

  • Sales Receipts

  • Strains

5. Complete Capability Assessment in the sandbox. A document of the functionality assessment criteria will be provided to you when you submit your request. Requests should be submitted after completion of the Metrc training, not prior.

After these steps are complete, Metrc LLC will issue a vendor API key.



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