Oklahoma Program Information

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) welcomes you to the Oklahoma Metrc webpage. Oklahoma’s licensees must utilize the Metrc track-and-trace system to track all medical marijuana and medical marijuana products being grown, processed, transported, tested, and sold in the state. 


This portal contains important resources, training, and updates for OMMA licensees and their employees. The information and tools provided by Metrc are critical in ensuring that your establishment remains in compliance with the laws and rules of the state of Oklahoma.


The mission of the OMMA is to ensure patient access to safe medical marijuana and medical marijuana products. The OMMA website can be found here. We look forward to working with you to ensure a safe, equitable, and effectively run medical marijuana industry.




Integration & API

For third party vendors, the steps to obtain access to the Metrc API in Oklahoma are:

1. Request API developers documents and complete the information requested and email to api-info@metrc.com.

·    Company Name

·    Company Address

·    Company Website

·    Company Phone Number

·    Primary Contact Name

·    Primary Contact Email

·    Primary Contact Phone Number

·    Secondary Contact Name

·    Secondary Contact Email

·    Secondary Contact Phone Number

·    Name of Software

2. Attend a Metrc training class and complete the test.

3. Upon completion of the test, a vendor API key for the sandbox will be generated.

4. Complete Capability Assessment in the sandbox. A document of the functionality assessment criteria will be provided to you when you submit your request. Requests should be submitted after completion of the Metrc training, not prior.

5. Download, sign and return the API User Agreement to OMMALegal@ok.gov and copy api-info@metrc.com. This must be signed by a person with signature authority within the company, such as an Officer.


After these steps are complete and the evaluation is validated, Metrc LLC will issue a production vendor API key. When Metrc sends your production vendor API key, we will also ask for your company and contact information to add it to the Validated Integrator List.



Q:What’s the status of Metrc in Oklahoma?

A: Metrc continues to partner with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to implement our system. We will make more information available as we deliver key project milestones - including system access, training classes, a beginning inventory guide for industry, a lab testing guide, and an Oklahoma-specific supplemental guide. 

We are looking forward to the first licensees using our system over the coming months and helping ensure a safe and secure medical marijuana market in Oklahoma.

Q: What do I need in order to use Metrc? 

A: Metrc’s track-and-trace system relies on two main components: online software and physical tags. Licensees use our tags to uniquely identify cannabis products and use our software to enter any information related to those products.

Metrc tags are produced through our proprietary process, designed to meet the unique environmental conditions for marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. Since licensees aren’t responsible for printing their own tags, they can focus on their core business and avoid large costs, such as printing equipment, supplies, and labor to assemble, test, and input tracking tags. This is all handled by Metrc to keep the costs to licensees affordable and proportional to the size of their business.

Our cloud-based software requires internet connection and computer to access and use it. There is no additional hardware required or new software to download, install or maintain. However, Metrc features an open Application Programming Interface (API), so licensees may use other enterprise software, like Point of Sale (POS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, that integrate into Metrc.

Q: Does Metrc understand the medical marijuana industry?

A: Yes. Metrc provides its track-and-trace solution for 13 other states and the District of Columbia and has been providing supply chain solutions since 1993.


Q: What is the timeline before I can use your software?

A: We are developing a timeline now. When it’s complete, it will be published on the Oklahoma page of Metrc.com and on Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Authority website.


Q: How much will it cost for the system?

A: There are two types of licensee charges for Metrc’s system: one for the software and one for the physical tracking tags. 

Metrc charges $40 per month per license reporting fee for access to the Metrc platform and for ongoing training, support, and maintenance. While licensees are able to use other software providers that integrate into Metrc, licensees must still pay this $40 per month charge. (Note: this is a per license, not per user, charge.) The reporting fee will only apply after the licensee is granted access to the software.

Additionally, Metrc charges $0.45 per plant tag and $0.25 per package tag. These costs are designed to be very affordable and scale with the size of the business. There are no hidden fees or large one-time costs to use Metrc.


Q: How does the system work?

A: Metrc is an integrated system that allows for real-time tracking and tracing of marijuana plants and products. Licensees attach unique, serialized tags to every plant or  package. These tags feature readable text, barcodes, and RFID chips to uniquely identify each plant and package – both physically and digitally in the online software. Users then enter information related to those plants and packages, such as weight, transfer of custody, and test results in our online software platform. That information is available to the licensee and the OMMA


Q: Do I have to use Metrc? What if I want to use my own inventory control system?

A: You must use Metrc to track your marijuana. A licensee can input sales data directly into Metrc through the user interface, but licensees who prefer to use third-party POS providers using the Metrc Application Programming Interface (API) or by uploading Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file will be able to do so.  Metrc will provide an API key to customers who wish to use a third-party inventory management system. Each licensee is responsible for ensuring their ability to interface with the state procured system. All licensees will be required to use the tags supplied by Metrc. Licensees without a third party POS system may opt to input sales directly into Metrc.


Q: What POS systems will be available with Metrc?

A: Metrc will provide a list of validated third-party integrators, similar to what has been done for other states. You can look at other Metrc state customers for samples of what this list will look like. These lists are available on metrc.com under the customer tab.

Q: Do I have to use a third-party software platform to enter information into Metrc?

A: No, Metrc can be used as a standalone system with direct data entry. However, Metrc will be validating third-party software providers, such as Point of Sale (POS) and inventory management vendors, before they are allowed to integrate into Metrc.

Q: Will I have to use Metrc and a POS system?

A: A licensee can input sales data directly into Metrc through the user interface, but some licensees prefer to upload CSV files or use third-party software providers that integrate into Metrc via our API.

Q: What if I have technical issues after the system has deployed?

A: Metrc has a dedicated team of support staff who will be available to resolve any technical support issues. The support desk can be contacted via phone or email.

Q: How do I get training or a demo of Metrc?

A: Metrc will be publishing information and a schedule of events in the coming weeks. Please check back on the Metrc page periodically for updates. In the mean time you can look at the Metrc videos on our YouTube channel for more information

Q: Will other licensees be able to see my inventory information?

A: No. Licensees will only be able to access their own information through Metrc. They will not be able see any information about any other licensee unless they are doing business with another licensee. An example would be transferring packages where a receiving business can see the package information and lab results from the shipping business prior to receiving the inventory into their account. 


Q: Do I need to purchase any additional hardware such as computers, bar-code readers or RFID readers?

A: Metrc is a completely web-hosted system. That means that all access to Metrc is done via the internet and only requires an internet connection and a web browser. No additional hardware is required, and there is no software to download, install, or maintain. Bar-code and RFID readers are optional. A decision to buy such additional equipment is up to the individual licensee.

Q: What training materials can I download?

A: Training materials are available once a licensee has been credentialed into the system. Metrc offers manuals, state specific supplemental guides, lab guides and other instructional materials. Metrc also has a YouTube channel that licensees can go to at any time. These videos are between 5 and 8 minutes each and cover almost all areas of the system.


Q: Why aren’t the tags reusable?

A: Reusing the number would create confusion and an inability to track a plant or package properly in the event of an action requiring traceability such as a recall.  This traceability is necessary for ensuring public safety, mitigating public health concerns that arise, and ensuring consumers’ protection.

Q: What is the official conversion in the METRC system from pounds to grams?


A:  Metrc system uses the official metric conversion, meaning      1lb = 453.5924 grams.

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