Metrc uses a combination of advanced radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and cloud-based software to provide valuable supply chain tracking and monitoring services for businesses and law enforcement.


The same Metrc-pioneered tracking tools that give state agencies and regulators the ability to secure statewide markets have been put to use by business to provide real-time location, handling, and custody information on fresh food, packaged good shipments, and other sensitive cargo. Additionally, law enforcement uses Metrc’s approach to log-in, track, house, and retrieve evidence used in criminal prosecutions.


Our system effectively provides a centralized database of every regulated product within a specific industry. We create unique identification tags that are affixed to high-importance products; individuals handling those products log onto our software platform to enter key events on the products as they move through the supply chain—from real-time location, handling, and custody information, to testing results and sale. This provides full product transparency for regulators overseeing critical industries, as well as providing full product history and traceability. Metrc’s cloud-based platform also captures other time-stamped data, such as weight, spoilage, environmental moisture and temperature readings that are stored and retrievable on demand.


Metrc’s proprietary approach to RFID and software integration helps businesses automate

logistics and compliance to help reduce Cold Chain costs, while adding speed and efficiency

through remote scanning and other touchless solutions.


Metrc’s approach to RFID tracking, scanning, and data synchronization gives

businesses the tools to automatically monitor and store time-stamped product details, such

as temperature, throughout the supply chain, allowing them to focus on the delivery of

essential goods and services, not paperwork.


Our open Application Programming Interface (API) allows businesses to offload key

data sets to Metrc without having to dedicate valuable resources to data entry into

compliance management systems.


Metrc’s system can generate automated updates on any aspect of the supply chain

sequence in real-time, providing auditors and inspectors accurate and up-to-the-

minute data on location, temperature, humidity, moisture, spoilage, and other key



Metrc has partnered with law enforcement in several jurisdictions in the state of Florida to
assist in the secure storage and on-demand retrieval of evidence related to criminal
prosecutions in the state.


The system Metrc created allows evidence room officers to create RFID-enabled data

and time-stamped labels that are attached to evidence when it is entered into the



System portals and cameras posted outside evidence rooms ensure that everyone

entering and leaving the secure area is identified and has authorized access.


Metrc’s system is complemented by handheld RFID readers that translate location

and proximity information into audible pings, allowing officers to locate hard-to-find

or misplaced materials quickly and easily.


Metrc has applied its RFID-enabled hardware and proprietary cloud-based software solution

to the tracking of hemp and cannabis-derived products, like CBD (cannabidiol) oils and



While the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for the cultivation and processing of hemp, 

the regulatory framework is still being defined. Furthermore, hemp products remain

both visually and genetically similar to marijuana, further complicating compliance

and enforcement on a federal, state, and local level.

Given these complexities and the surging popularity of CBD-derived products among

consumers, many states have decided to closely monitor the cultivation and production of

hemp and cannabis-derived products to safeguard public health. Metrc has been a dedicated

partner in this effort, providing the same level of care and attention to tracking these

products that we do for the legal marijuana markets we serve.

By carefully logging product details like test results and chain of custody information

throughout the production process, Metrc’s solution brings transparency to the hemp supply

chain, helping to ensure CBD products are legitimate, standardized, and safe.


Businesses and regulatory agencies contracting with Metrc receive an off-the-shelf software-as-a-

service (SaaS) system configured specifically to their needs. As part of this service, Metrc

also provides end-to-end implementation; reporting services; integration with third-party software

solutions; cloud hosting; technical updates and documentation; and in-house, U.S.-based user support

and training.


To learn more about Metrc offerings and how to begin working with us on a federal, state, or

local level, please contact us directly at