Our Week in Nashville at NCSL

Updated: May 4, 2020

By Dave Urbanowicz, Director, External Affairs and Business Development, Metrc

In August, Metrc exhibited its seed-to sale technology at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)State Legislative Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. We discussed supply chain management for legal cannabis markets with state lawmakers and learned about the concerns and obstacles they face creating policy frameworks and bringing new markets online. These are our five key takeaways.

1 Lawmakers aren’t aware of the technologies that can help state regulators enforce policies. Many of the legislators we spoke to had not heard of the terms “track-and-trace” or “seed-to-sale.” Metrc’s software and RFID technology brings transparency to the cannabis and hemp industries and can tell regulators where products came from, where they are going, and exactly what is inside them.

2 Monitoring public health and safety as cannabis industries expand is a big concern. Metrc helps governments identify, track, and stop public health crises as they arise. In Nevada, Metrc was able to trace packages from contaminated production batches that tested above the state’s acceptable levels for yeast and mold- and issue a recall from three dispensaries before the situation turned into a crisis. In Michigan, Metrc found a facility inaccurately conducting tests for mold and pesticides. The state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a safety bulletin to patients and caregivers using Metrc’s RFID tag number to identify contaminated products.

3 State lawmakers care about small businesses. Our system seamlessly integrates local businesses -large and small - into a state’s regulatory framework, helping new markets flourish. Metrc’s affordable cost model scales with businesses, ensuring small businesses get a fair shake in the growing cannabis industry and helping them comply with new requirements.

4 States need to account for tax revenue from their legal cannabis industry. Metrc helps state governments track tax revenue and businesses comply with laws, optimizing the state’s legal cannabis market and boosting the economy. Metrc is used by thousands of businesses in California – which has generated more than $300 million in tax revenue – and in Colorado – where the cannabis industry represents $6 billion, an increased tax revenue of about 8% from 2018.

5 Lawmakers want guidance from cannabis industry leaders. Many state legislators are looking to cannabis pioneers from California and Colorado who have been involved in legalization from the beginning. Metrc’s technology and team of experts are equipped to help state lawmakers and agencies get their new cannabis industry off the ground. In fact, our COO Lewis Koski led Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) for five years before being promoted to the Deputy Senior Director of Enforcement, overseeing MED and four other regulatory programs.

Overall, we were inspired by the growing interest and support for seed-to-sale systems that help regulators enforce compliance. We can’t wait to see what next year’s NCSL Summit brings!

About Metrc:

Metrc is America’s leading solution for cannabis and hemp governance. Our software, RFID technology and support teams track cannabis products from seed to sale, ensuring a closed, legal ecosystem. Metrc’s solution ensures a secure supply chain, transparency, and public health, providing a safe marketplace for everyone. We proudly support twelve states, the District of Columbia and over 15,000 business licenses. For more information, visit