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July 18, 2023

Tapping into RFID for business efficiency

Tapping into RFID for business efficiency

The power of RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been around for many years and   used across sectors in many applications. Only recently has the adoption in certain markets skyrocketed, and for good reason. Research shows the value of RFID lies in its incredibly high accuracy, around 97-99%, along with offering businesses enhanced data automation, improved operational transparency, and immense time savings.

In particular, retail has seen accelerated adoption rates due to the many benefits RFID provides, while other industries have started to leverage the technology, such as beef, healthcare, and logistics cost savings, public safety and more.

With RFID, cannabis businesses can also benefit from the data automation, accuracy, operational efficiencies, and transparency this technology offers.

From streamlining inputs and accounting of assets, to decreasing capital costs in labor, RFID technology provides an efficient, dependable solution for inventory management. For example, thousands of cannabis plants can be accurately accounted for in a fraction of time and monitored remotely compared to more traditional methods, such as manual data capture or barcodes. From seed to sale, RFID is propelling the cannabis industry forward with remarkable efficiency.

RFID solutions for licensed cannabis businesses

As the power of RFID technology continues to be realized in the industry, licensees are benefitting from the availability of dynamic solutions and cutting-edge technology offered by a variety of vendors. From RFID scales to handheld devices that accurately record mass-inventories in minutes, Metrc is proud to partner with the top RFID integrators in the industry.

To see what solutions are available to help licensed businesses grow and run more efficiently, check out the current lineup of third-party RFID companies who integrate with Metrc.


Founded in 2019, Canix is the leading ERP software for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. From large commercial operations to standalone single-service operators, Canix provides a suite of tools for cannabis companies to operate efficiently, increase profit margins and remain compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements. Canix provides businesses total control over their inventory and sales data. For more informatio, visit


For over 6 years, GeoShepard has built a strong track record of serving cultivators throughout Metrc states. Combining wireless RFID with wireless scales enables delivery of a fully mobile experience for cultivators, and their industrial RFID scanners are NTEP certified and battle-tested over successful deployment for countless industries. GeoShepard both speeds up processing and maintains accuracy. For more information,


Designed specifically for cannabis licensees, Outlaw Technology, LLC utilizes best of breed RFID hardware and software systems. From the Desperado Handheld system used by hundreds of licensees to capture Metrc plant and package tags for moves, audits, destruction, and to seek and find capabilities, to the OG Harvest solution that reduces harvest time by 80%, Outlaw is a tremendous resource for licensees. Having managed over seven million plants with harvests of more than six million pounds, Outlaw helps save time, money, and labor by eliminating manual capture and entry. For more information, visit


Specializing in RFID with an emphasis on compliance, StashStock is a seed-to-sale cannabis inventory management solution. StashStock’s solutions include a handheld RFID scanner, harvest scale, advanced reporting and analytics, sales and inventory management, and label creation, making cannabis compliance easy and efficient. For more information, visit

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