With limited resources and lack of data, governments face extremely high expectations implementing legalization. Elected officials and the public demand an effective and comprehensive framework for monitoring the cannabis industry.


Governments must balance public health and safety with the business needs of the regulated community.


Credible regulatory frameworks and tools allow the government to efficiently monitor and enforce compliance. With the right trusted partners, governments can navigate these challenges and fulfill expectations.


Track: Monitor and verify reported cannabis inventories in real time for all licensed cannabis businesses and for all license types in the industry

Trace: Follow a product back to its origins should it become a public health concern, hold it in the system and alert licensees of the problem until it is resolved

Trend: Proactively analyze inventory data to assess risk, distinguish between compliant and non-compliant behavior, identify taxable events and evaluate public policy

Report: Utilize trended data to brief stakeholders, construct regulatory and criminal cases and share aggregate data with the public

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