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About Us

About Metrc

Metrc is the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the United States. Our solution combines advanced software, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, a dedicated customer- support team, and a secure database to track and trace cannabis from growth, harvest, and processing to testing, transport, and sale.

A worker in a warehouse using Metrc software

Supply chain decisions, simplified.

Governments contracting with Metrc receive an off-the-shelf software-as-a-service (SaaS) system configured specifically to their needs. Our cloud-based tracking software and securely encoded RFID-enabled tags give regulators full supply-chain visibility. Metrc also provides data management, reporting services, third-party integrator support, cloud hosting, technical updates, along with training and support for users in government and industry.

UI image showing data and an RFID tag

End-to-end transparency

When states legalize any form of cannabis use, regulators face a host of challenges. First among them is protecting public health, which requires comprehensive cannabis testing, a way to track inventory and sales, and a strategy to secure the regulated marketplace against illicit product. Metrc is a powerful ally in advancing all of these interests.

Metrc closely monitors the cannabis supply chain to secure markets against theft and infiltration. Innovative solutions and advanced technology ensure that every cannabis plant and every cannabis product is accounted for by licensed businesses in Metrc’s system.

With detailed histories on every plant and cannabis-based product in the state, agencies can ensure that no illicit cannabis is entering the regulated supply chain and no regulated cannabis is being diverted for unlawful sale outside of it. Metrc monitors, records, tracks, and reports to help regulators manage the market.

Our values

At Metrc, we are committed to helping our employees make the most of their skills and talents—so they can shine brightly and help us do the same. We are here to trust each other, support each other, learn from one another, and build a community of professionals who own each other’s outcomes and celebrate our shared successes. First, last, and always, we are a team.

Be a trusted resource

We lead with honesty and act ethically to build trust among our partners in the work we do.

Win for each other

We go out of our way to help one another because every goal, success, and failure should be
shared together.

Keep an open mind

We welcome surprising ideas and moments of ambiguity because – even when uncomfortable –
they encourage collective progress.

Own each other’s outcomes

We hold ourselves accountable to our work, our teams, and our vision to produce the highest
quality outcomes.

Sharpen your saw

We are dedicated to continuous improvement because we embrace our responsibility to
ourselves, our team, and our customers.

Secure markets, powered by data

The same Metrc-pioneered tracking tools that give state agencies and regulators the ability to secure statewide cannabis markets have been put to use by business to provide real-time location, handling, and custody information on fresh food, packaged goods shipments, and other sensitive cargo. Additionally, law enforcement uses Metrc’s approach to log, track, house, and retrieve evidence used in criminal prosecutions. Our system effectively provides a centralized database of every regulated product or object of value with full chain-of-custody transparency. Click here for more information.

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