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Open API

Metrc is the most trusted track-and-trace provider in the country because of its superior technology and an adaptable system shaped by decades of experience in the field. Metrc’s open application programming interface (API) has been designed to interface with cannabis inventory tracking and point of sale systems, minimizing manual inputing and uploading tasks as much as possible. So, for example, a testing facility that uses a Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS) to help with staff workflow could —after proper systems integration and testing— upload information automatically into Metrc’s database.

To date, we have successfully integrated more than 500 independent software providers active in diverse areas of the cannabis business, including grow management, transportation, point of sale, laboratory testing, enterprise resource planning, and compliance.

Exceptional system performance

Metrc designed the first track-and-trace system in close collaboration with state regulators in Colorado in 2011, and now provides track-and-trace solutions to 15 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam—more than any other vendor. Metrc has never experienced a known security breach, has a record of 99.99% scheduled system uptime.

Nimble in a constantly changing industry

Metrc designed its system to be responsive and adaptable to the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. Rule and reporting adjustments can be quickly incorporated into the software without costly change fees or down time.

Helping businesses automate compliance

Metrc’s open API helps businesses exchange data between their accounting, business, and inventory systems with the state’s track-and-trace program. The same approach also allows state medical registries to validate patient limits at the point of sale.

Dedicated Support and Training

Metrc’s carefully managed integration process includes a dedicated support team that provides complimentary and unlimited systems training and guidance. Our commitment to broad platform integration creates efficiencies up and down the supply chain, minimizing data duplication, recording errors, and tracking bottlenecks, while strengthening compliance outcomes industry-wide. 

"Metrc’s ability to simplify the compliance reporting in accordance to state regulations, quickly launch in a new state, and offer a quality open API (communication language to 3rd parties like us) make it our top choice based on market experience in the state. Systems like ours lack the feature-rich compliance reporting of state regulators and a unified RFID tagging system. However, Metrc’s quality API allows cannabis businesses to utilize technological advances made by companies like ours that aren’t possible with other systems."

— Canix, Letter of support

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