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Our leadership

Metrc first and foremost starts as an idea, a moment of critical thought applied to a complex problem, a challenge met with focused creativity, and a desire to disrupt outdated processes and old ways of thinking.

While Metrc begins with an idea, ideas only come to fruition when the right people are developing them. We have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the smartest, most dedicated, and most creative people in our industry and, we take no small measure of pride in being a resource for our customers and an asset to any organization looking to improve a process or capture critical data.

We are extremely excited to see the continued growth of this industry and will maintain our commitment to supporting that growth whenever we have the opportunity.

Michael Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Michael was appointed Metrc’s CEO in 2022. He previously served as the company’s President and CFO, where he was responsible for driving the company’s strategic and financial decisions. Prior to joining Metrc, Michael served as CFO at InformedDNA in St. Petersburg, Florida, and CM Group Global, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jeff Wells

Chief Visionary Officer

Jeff is the co-founder of Metrc (previously known as Franwell) and served as its CEO from 1993 until 2022. He also serves as the Chair of Metrc’s board. Jeff has spent more than 30 years in software development and more than 15 years in the development of RFID technology.

Justin Green

Chief Financial Officer

Justin brings over 15 years of experience to Metrc’s finance team as CFO. Prior to joining Metrc in 2020, Justin led finance and accounting departments at Greenway Health and Hubbard Construction Company.

Lewis Koski

Chief Strategy Officer

Lewis, CSO at Metrc, joined the company in March 2019 where he originally served as COO. Previously, Lewis helped build the first state agency in the U.S. to develop and implement medical and adult-use cannabis policy, serving as the director of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Sam Peterson

Chief Technology Officer

Sam brings over 25 years of experience to Metrc’s technology and product teams as CTO. Prior to joining Metrc in 2022, Sam was CTO at several industry leading technology companies including Boats Group, Open English and Overstock.

Andrea Kiehl

Chief People & Legal Officer

Andrea is Metrc’s Chief People & Legal Officer and brings more than 20 years of experience practicing law, previously representing various companies and industries in employment and compliance law. Before joining Metrc, Andrea served as Vice President of Global Compliance and Legal Counsel at Sitel Group.

Lauren Cole

Chief Marketing Officer

Lauren is the Chief Marketing Officer at Metrc, where she leverages her 15 years of experience in the marketing industry to drive both brand equity and brand affinity for the company. Lauren joined the team in 2021 and most recently served as Vice President of Marketing for Greenway Health.

Matt Greene

SVP of Growth

Matt has served as Senior Vice President of Growth at Metrc since 2022 and helps lead the External Affairs and Business Development team with his abundant business knowledge. His expertise comes from his 15 years of experience in sales, most recently as Senior Vice President of Sales at HealthPay24.

Wendi Odenhausen

Head of Customer Experience

Wendi, Head of Customer Experience at Metrc, brings more than 18 years of experience in integrating customer feedback into business strategies. Wendi joined the Metrc team in March 2023 and recently served as the Director of Voice of Customer Programs at Confluent.

David Urbanowicz

Vice President of External Affairs & Business Development

David is Metrc’s Vice President of External Affairs & Business Development, initially joining as the Director of External Affairs & Business Development in 2019 fostering external relationships. Prior to joining Metrc, David held the position of Director of External Affairs & Strategic Partnerships at Comcast.

Taylor Coffield

Senior Director of People & Culture

Taylor joined Metrc in 2023 as Senior Director of People & Culture bringing 9 years of experience in HR, partnering with executive leadership and cross-functional teams to drive organizational success. Prior to joining Metrc, Taylor served as a Senior People Business Partner at Deepwatch.

Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, Metrc is a vibrant and growing company with an exciting future. We are currently home to more than 150 dedicated employees, each of whom is committed to the safety and security of the regulated cannabis markets we serve. As the nation’s most trusted and experienced track-and-trace provider for cannabis, Metrc is uniquely positioned to help new states regulate their markets and to ensure existing markets continue to thrive. Introduce yourself. We’d love to hear from you.

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