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The RFID Difference

The RFID difference

Metrc tags are fitted with electronic chips that carry proprietary coding and data about the plants they are attached to. The chips are activated by a directed radio wave emitted from handheld hardware created for the purpose of collecting tag data. The coding embedded in the tag is mirrored in Metrc’s database, providing proof of its authenticity. These scanners are typically in handhelds that are used by inventory managers and state regulators to conduct inspections and audits.

RFID Tag on a Cannabis Plant

Resilient and reliable

In addition to carrying embedded security advantages over other systems, Metrc’s RFID tags arrive regulation-compliant and ready for use. Cannabis businesses ordering from Metrc do not need any special printing equipment to create tags and labels, helping to reduce errors and waste, saving them time and money. Metrc tags are manufactured to conform to state guidelines, and meet or exceed standards governing water-resistance, chemical-resistance, readability, and durability.

Secure and data-rich

Metrc tags utilize blockchain-equivalent technology, making them almost impossible to counterfeit, while eliminating the need for costly data mapping and number matching. RFID tags supplied by Metrc are robust and versatile, capable of carrying up to 100 times more data than the 20-character limit of barcode systems. This allows product data to be captured in real time, giving regulators instant access to status, tracking, and location information, along with product origin, serial number, manufacturer, lot, and vendor data, all of which enhance compliance and security.

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