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Cannabis legalization immediately tasks governments with a host of challenging demands, including protecting public health, establishing new testing and tracking protocols, and securing the regulated market against illicit product. Metrc is a powerful ally in advancing all of these interests.

Metrc works closely with government agencies to reflect the particular needs of each jurisdiction’s regulatory landscape. When market conditions require policy adjustments or are impacted by legislative or executive directives, Metrc brings the system into alignment without costly change fees or system-wide shutdowns. In a new industry, this kind of flexibility is invaluable.

Our responsiveness as a state government partner has been a hallmark of Metrc’s success. In 2019, the Colorado Office of the State Auditor called Metrc the “cornerstone of the state’s regulatory structure for medical and retail marijuana.”


EFFICIENT: Metrc eases inspection burdens

Using handheld RFID scanners, state inspectors can perform necessary inspections in a fraction of the time. Audits can be performed daily by inventory managers, easing the lift of regularized reporting.

INFORMED: Metrc data enhances policy

Metrc eases the reporting burden on governments, empowering agents and staff with up-to-the-minute data about market performance, sales growth, tax revenue, and enforcement.


SECURE: Metrc safeguards the marketplace

Our system protects against fraud by being the only track-and-trace provider to manufacture our own chip-embedded RFID tags, ensuring centralized, consistent, and counterfeit-proof production.

SAFE: Metrc protects public health

Our track-and-trace system allows regulators to quickly identify, isolate, and recall plants and packages that have been tested for contamination by laboratories and deemed unsafe.


COMPREHENSIVE: Metrc expands regulator oversight

Metrc provides regulators with information on every regulated cannabis product sold in a jurisdiction, including cultivation data, harvest yield, testing results, chain-of-custody information, and transport details.

TRANSPARENT: Data delivered in real-time

Data automatically input into Metrc’s system through its open API interface ensures accurate and timely tracking information is available as it happens. Transfers and point-of-sale data, incoming packages and even the identities of handlers, are all measures accessible to inspectors.

"A main focus for [West Virginia’s] new track-and-trace program will be helping OMC regulators ensure no illicit cannabis products are sold in the medical cannabis market, and also that no legal medical cannabis products are sold unlawfully. Because Metrc’s system tracks every legal product back to the cannabis plant, OMC regulators can easily identify if an illicit product is introduced into the supply chain."

— Jason Frame, Director of Office of Medical Cannabis, West Virginia

"Using Metrc isn’t just about compliance, it’s about safety as well. If there is ever an issue with a product, then product recalls can happen in real time. Currently, OMMA would need to physically go and review the dispensary and farm paper records in addition to issuing a mass recall. Metrc allows regulators to closely monitor the market for dangerous products and get them off the shelves before they ever reach a patient."

— Rocking Star Farms, Oklahoma

"One of the most attractive selling points of Metrc is the company’s exclusive commitment to sell services only to regulatory entities. The company lived up to its commitment in Oregon and is an essential partner in our public safety, health and compliance work."

— Nathan Rix, Oregon Marijuana Program Manager

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