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Metrc is the Medical Marijuana and Adult-Use (Cannabis/Marijuana) Seed-to-Sale Tracking System for the regulation of legalized marijuana market, with the ability to track patients purchases against the control limits and to record any adverse reactions to the medicine (product) and including RFID Unique Identifiers integrated inside the Metrc software. For this project, Metrc subcontracted with Complia (provided by NIC) for licensing of facilities and industry employees (including badges and print/mail).


On behalf of the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), we welcome you to the Metrc LLC Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Regulation and Compliance system (Metrc) site. This system is essential for public health and public safety.
Metrc LLC’s tracking system is an integral part of the MCA’s responsibility to ensure that medical and adult-use cannabis products will be safely monitored prior to sale throughout the State of Maryland. Every MCA licensee is required to participate in the state wide tracking system program.
Metrc LLC is responsible for implementation of the technical and operational components of the tracking system. The MCA is responsible for overall program management, compliance and enforcement of the statutory and regulatory state framework of Maryland’s cannabis program. Metrc LLC will provide licensees with training sessions, webinars and instructions to facilitate a thorough understanding of the process and functionality.  Prospective licensees will be required to take and pass a knowledge-based test of the Metrc system and comply with all of Maryland’s regulatory requirements prior to MCA issuing any licenses.
We encourage you to use the information and tools found here and on the MCA website to become successful industry licensees in this newly established market. We look forward to working with you.






Partnership Start: November 2016

Unique to the Maryland project is the ability to track patient purchase limits, including RFID Unique Identifiers integrated inside the Metrc software. Metrc also provides a Certificate of Analysis upload functionality for cannabis test samples.


If you are new to Metrc and have your license from the state.

If you are already active in Metrc and are looking for additional training.


Training and Support Info

The Metrc training process for licensees in the state of Maryland:

The MCA will notify Metrc and the Licensee they are permitted to take training after:
1. The Business License is issued;
2. The Agent registration process is complete and an ID has been issued

Owners and employees may then sign up for training through the training portal shown on this page or from for on-going training, after they have been credentialed into the system.

Owners and employees may then take training and follow-on test.

Metrc will notify the MCA and the Licensee of testing results and a Certificate will be e-mailed.

For any questions, licensees may call Metrc Support at 877-566-6506 or email at [email protected].


We’ve made it easier to find licensed businesses in Metrc’s validated integrators list. Search and sorting functionality has been added to the system to help users find what they need quickly and easily.


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