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Benefits to Industry

Industry partnership

Cannabis businesses want, need, and deserve predictability. Metrc’s approach to cannabis regulation helps state governments establish secure regulatory environments, allowing businesses in those jurisdictions to plan and prosper. The track-and-trace system pioneered by Metrc relies on a mix of RFID-enabled hardware and a robust and reliable software platform that are market-tested and proven to work. System safeguards discourage illicit transactions—flagging outliers, anomalies, and unusual activity—while reinforcing norms of behavior that make for stronger and more robust markets.

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Cut costs with efficiency

Cannabis businesses operating in jurisdictions serviced by Metrc can expect full-service engagement when interacting with our system. Metrc provides cultivators with high-quality, human-tested, and ready-to-use tracking tags that enable the adoption of efficient inventory management practices, saving them time and resources. Affordable pricing is scalable and proportional to licensee sales, helping small and large businesses control costs.

Accessing Metrc’s system is easy. Unlike other track-and-trace solutions, Metrc does not require the purchase of special printing equipment, just a computer and an internet connection. Metrc’s RFID-enabled tags arrive printed and ready for use, reducing waste and error-associated risk. And businesses of all stripes benefit from the reliability of Metrc data, which is used as the single source of truth for banking services, regulators, and law enforcement, creating efficiencies up and down the supply chain.

Grow your business with seamless compliance

Metrc’s open application programming interface (API) allows cannabis businesses to fully integrate their operational platforms with their jurisdiction’s track-and-trace system. Grow facilities and dispensaries can upload inventory tracking data directly into Metrc using handheld readers, dramatically reducing the time spent on compliance duties. The same tracking software also allows for routine data exchanges between a company’s inventory and accounting systems, easing the time spent on inspections and regularizing reports.

Metrc’s carefully managed integration process includes a dedicated support team, offering complimentary and unlimited systems training and guidance. Our commitment to broad platform integration helps create efficiencies up and down the supply chain, minimizing data duplication, reducing recording errors, and untangling tracking bottlenecks, all of which help to strengthen compliance outcomes industry-wide.

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