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Metrc Connect

Metrc Connect

Metrc Connect is an improved open application programming interface (API) designed based on industry feedback – to create more robust and efficient interactions with the Metrc system and offers integration access to enhanced features and functionality.

Our approach to an API helps businesses easily exchange data between their systems and the state’s track-and-trace program by minimizing manual data inputs and task uploads to improve all Metrc users’ experience and simplify compliance reporting. This same approach also allows state medical registries to validate patient limits at the point of sale. ​

Introducing our premium API – Metrc Connect

Built with system performance improvements and stability in mind, Metrc Connect offers a more robust API environment to simplify processes and increase integrators’ visibility and control.

Metrc Connect includes enhanced features and functionality:

  • More robust endpoints​
  • Self-service access to a web-based, data insights driven portal​
  • Enhanced monitoring through real-time dashboard views and notifications​
  • Self-generate vendor API keys​
  • Real-time control of account information and user roles​
  • Returning IDs on POST requests​
  • Additional premium features, such as webhooks subscriptions​
  • Expanded API Support access​

Pricing that scales to fit your needs

Metrc Connect offers flexible pricing and direct access to enhanced features and functionality – today and into the future.


For integrators with 3 or less total facilities per state

  • Free
  • Metrc Connect portal access
  • Lookback access
  • API documentation
  • API Support – email only


For integrators with 4 or more total facilities per state

  • Monthly pricing – based on needs
  • Early access to new features and endpoints
  • Dedicated sandbox
  • Dedicated API Support and Account Management
  • New endpoints
  • Metrc Connect portal access
  • Lookback access
  • API documentation

Dedicated support and training

Metrc’s carefully managed integration process includes a dedicated support team that provides systems advisement, onboarding guidance, technical assistance, and more. Our commitment to broad platform integration creates efficiencies up and down the supply chain, minimizing data duplication, recording errors, and tracking bottlenecks, while strengthening compliance outcomes industry wide.  

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