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In 2015, Oregon Governor Kate Brown directed State officials to begin work on establishing a regulatory structure for the sale of marijuana, taxing such sales, and restructured the existing Oregon Liquor Control Commission to the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) to oversee it. The Metrc Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) is an integral part of the OLCC mandate to ensure that adult-use cannabis products can be tracked in the regulated market. Effective January 1, 2017, dispensaries were no longer permitted to sell cannabis for recreational use unless they applied for, and received, an OLCC license for such sales. During the one-month span from early December 2016 to early January 2017, the number of retailers licensed to sell recreational marijuana grew from 99 to 260, and hundreds more applications had been received and were being processed.


On behalf of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission I welcome you to the Metrc LLC Metrc Oregon website.

The Metrc Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) is an integral part the OLCC’s responsibility to ensure that recreational marijuana products can be tracked in the regulated market. Every OLCC Recreational Marijuana licensee is required to participate in the CTS.

Metrc is responsible for the technical and operational components of the CTS; the OLCC is responsible for CTS statutory and regulatory issues.

Franwell provides licensees with training sessions and webinars to provide a thorough understanding of the CTS. Prospective licensees will be required to pass a test on their knowledge of the CTS before the OLCC issues their license.

We hope you will use the information and tools found here and on the OLCC Recreational Marijuana website to become successful licensees in this newly regulated industry.






Program Start: December 2014

Oregon adopted into law House Bill 3000 in July 2021. Among other reforms, the new law empowered the OLCC and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to begin inspecting hemp fields to ensure hemp growers are not growing marijuana. The adjustment to the law was applauded by both the licensed cannabis industry in the state as an important move to combat the illicit market. The law adopted a number of industry reforms that will be incorporated into Metrc’s system through its API.


If you are new to Metrc and have your license from the state.

If you are already active in Metrc and are looking for additional training.



We’ve made it easier to find licensed businesses in Metrc’s validated integrators list. Search and sorting functionality has been added to the system to help users find what they need quickly and easily.


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