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Colorado Industrial Hemp

You can now, on a voluntary basis, have your industrial hemp tested at a state licensed testing facility for THC potency. The following questions and answers are provided to help you understand the Metrc system and how testing works.

What service does Metrc provide?

Metrc will facilitate the electronic transfer of information between you and the testing facility. Radio frequency identification tags (“RFID tags”) are used to track your sample. Test results are provided to you electronically through the Metrc system.

What are the costs associated with Metrc?

The cost of using Metrc is $250.00 annually, plus the cost of RFID tags (.25 cents per tag and shipping costs). The $250.00 fee permits you to use the Metrc system an unlimited number of times during the annual period. It also gives you unlimited access to the Metrc Support Line for questions and assistance. Please note that this annual fee does not include the fees charged by the testing facility for testing your industrial hemp. You will need to contact the testing facility directly to find out about testing fees.

How do I get started with Metrc?

First, identify who will serve as your “administrator” and complete the training. Make sure your administrator has your Colorado Industrial Hemp registration number available. Click on “Training Sign Up” to begin the training process.

Which facilities do the testing? Will the Colorado Department of Agriculture (“CDA”) use the test results?

Testing is performed by state licensed testing facilities that utilize the Metrc system. This voluntary testing is distinct and unrelated to any testing performed by the CDA. Because the test sample is not collected by the CDA and it does not oversee the testing, test results are for your information purposes and will not be used by the CDA for compliance purposes. Moreover, the CDA is not able to provide specific information about the processes and procedures used by any of the state licensed testing facilities. Metrc suggests that you communicate with the testing facility of your choice prior to dropping off a sample. Questions you may want to ask the facility include: Is there a weight limit per sample? Will the facility dry the sample or must it be dried before drop off?

Does CDA have a role in the voluntary testing?

CDA’s role has been solely to coordinate this system for voluntary testing of industrial hemp at state licensed facilities. The CDA does not have oversight over either Metrc or the state licensed testing facilities.

Who do I ask if I have questions?

Contact Metrc directly to obtain answers about the electronic transfer process. Contact your chosen testing facility about any questions pertaining to testing.

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