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Alabama FAQ

How much will it cost for the system?

Metrc charges $40 per month, per license for access to the Metrc software. The monthly cost also goes towards ongoing training, support, and maintenance. Metrc tags cost $0.45 for each plant tag and $0.25 for each package tag.

How does the system work?

Metrc is a cloud-hosted, real-time system that uses serialized tags with barcode and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology attached to every plant and wholesale package. Together, the online platform and tags track cannabis products throughout their lifecycle, including cultivation, harvesting, processing, transporting and sale.

What if I have technical issues after the system has deployed?

Metrc has a dedicated support team who is available to resolve technical support issues. The support team can be reached via phone (877-566-6506) or email ([email protected]).

Will other licensees be able to see my inventory information?

No. Licensees will only be able to access their own information through Metrc. They will not be able see any information about any other licensee.

Do I have to use Metrc? What if I want to use my own inventory control system?

Metrc is required for all licensees to input state mandated track-and-trace information. Metrc will provide an Application Programming Interface (API) to licensees who wish to use a third-party vendor for additional business services, such as an inventory management system. Each licensee is responsible for ensuring their ability to interface with the state procured system. Additionally, all licensees will be required to use the tags (both plant and package tags) supplied by Metrc.

What POS systems will be available with Metrc?

Metrc will provide a list of validated third-party integrators. You can look at other Metrc state partners for examples of what this list will look like. These lists are available on under the respective partner pages notated as ‘Validated Integrators’.

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware such as computers, bar-code readers or RFID readers?

Metrc is a web-based system. All access to Metrc is done via the internet and only requires an internet connection and a web browser. For optimal performance we recommend using the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. No additional hardware is required. Additionally, there is no software to download, install, or maintain.

How do I get training or a demo of Metrc?

Once licenses are awarded by the AMCC, training will be provided by Metrc that is specific to the state of Alabama and its respective statutes. Training will be required as part of establishing compliance with the track-and-trace system. In the meantime, Metrc has a YouTube channel where prospective licensees can view how the system works; however, please note this channel does not host the official training videos.
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