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Maine FAQ

  • Cost structure:
    • No upfront software purchase or installation fees
    • Monthly subscription fee: $40 per licensed facility
    • Includes access to the web based Metrc inventory tracking system for the State of Maine
    • Provides continuous industry training and support at no additional cost
  • Tag pricing:
    • Cannabis Plant tag 1 QTY: $0.45 per plant (required)
    • Cannabis Package tags: $0.25 each (required)
    • Cannabis Plant tag 5 QTY: $2.25
    • Cannabis Plant tag 10 QTY: $4.50
    • Cannabis Plant tag 25 QTY: $11.25
    • Cannabis Plant tag 50 QTY: $22.50
  • Metrc is a cloud-hosted, real-time tracking system that utilizes serialized tags with three essential components:
    • Scannable barcode
    • Human-readable information
    • Radio frequency identification (RFID) chip
  • These detailed tags are attached to every plant and wholesale package in the cannabis supply chain. The platform, working seamlessly with these tags, ensures precise tracking throughout the entire lifecycle of cannabis products. This comprehensive coverage spans cultivation, harvesting, manufacturing, and sales processes. 
  • The cloud-hosted nature of Metrc allows for real-time updates, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the tracking system. Each tag, with its barcode and RFID chip, contributes to the immediate and accurate recording of data.
  • In the event technical issues arise post-deployment, Metrc offers dedicated support through a skilled team of support staff. 
  • Metrc Support experts will ensure a prompt and effective resolution to any technical support concerns you may encounter, providing ongoing assistance to optimize your experience with the system. 
  • You can live chat during available hours or connect with Metrc Support 24/7 at

No. Licensees will only have visibility into their own data through Metrc.

  • Yes, per the Marijuana Legalization Act in Maine, Metrc is mandatory for tracking adult-use cannabis. While licensees can opt for additional third-party software, this generally comes at an additional cost. Please note certain functions, such as product transfers, will still require use of the Metrc system. 
  • Metrc supports integration through an API for vendor software and allows CSV file uploads. Licensees bear the responsibility for timely and accurate data entry into the Metrc system, ensuring compliance with state rules and regulations.

Metrc will furnish a list of validated third-party integrators capable of seamlessly integrating with the Maine-specific Metrc system interface. For your convenience, a list of validated software providers is available here.

  • Metrc operates as a fully web-hosted system, accessible solely through the internet. To use Metrc, all you will need is a reliable internet connection and a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet equipped with an HTML 5-compatible web browser. There is no requirement for additional hardware, and downloading, installing, or maintaining software is not necessary. 
  • While barcode and/or RFID readers are optional accessories, investment in the usage of third-party equipment is at the discretion of the individual licensee.

The Maine Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) will notify licensees and Metrc when training may begin for new business licenses during the conditional phase. Licensee track-and-trace administrators must complete Metrc training and successfully complete a proficiency exam before an active license will be issued to a cannabis establishment in Maine. Licensees granted access to an active Metrc facility are encouraged to use Metrc Learn. Metrc Learn is an on-demand learning platform designed to offer training modules tailored by license type and experience level. To access this training registration is required. If you are already a registered user in Metrc, navigate to the drop-down support menu and select “Sign up for Training” to get started. For those who already have an active Metrc Learn account, use your web browser to navigate to to continue your learning experience. If a licensee has expanded to include a new facility type, be sure to reach out to Metrc Support and request these training modules be added to your account.

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