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Montana FAQ

How much will it cost for the tracking system?

The state will pay for licensee access to Metrc, licensees will pay for their own plant and package tags

How do I get started in Metrc?

Access to Metrc requires an active CCD license. Upon license approval, an email will be sent with login instructions. For additional information, please see the Metrc website and YouTube channel linked above.

What POS systems will be available with Metrc?

Metrc has a list of validated 3rd party integrators available at the link above.

Is there an API integration with Metrc?

Yes, further info on Metrc’s API is available at the API link above.

How does the system work?

Metrc is a hosted, real-time system that uses serialized tags with bar-code, human-readable and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to every plant, and labels attached to wholesale packages to track marijuana inventory. Each tag is attached to a plant to facilitate tracking through different stages of growth, as well the drying and curing processes, to the sale of the product.

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware such as computers, bar-code readers or RFID readers.

Metrc is a completely web-hosted system. That means that all access to Metrc is done via the internet and only requires an internet connection and a web browser. No additional hardware is required. Also, there is no software to download, install, or maintain.

Will other licensees be able to see my inventory information?

No. Licensees will only be able to access their own information through Metrc. They will not be able see any information about any other licensee.

What if I have technical issues?

Metrc has a dedicated team of support staff available to resolve any technical support issues. The support desk can be contacted via phone or email. See the ‘Contact’ link above.

Are RFID readers required?

Activities in Metrc can be accomplished without Bar-code scanners or RFID readers. Although the use of these tools can increase productivity and efficiencies, it will be up to each licensee to decide to use Bar-code or RFID readers, but their use is not required.
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