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Nevada FAQ

Can I purchase the software and how much is it?

There is no software to purchase. Metrc is cloud hosted and is available to all industry participants. Metrc does have a $ 40.00 per month program fee that covers training and support. The only additional cost associated with the industry using Metrc is .45 cents for each plant tag and .25 cents for each package tag.

Can I take training now?

Licensees currently have the ability to register for the on-line training via the Metrc website. Registration will be made available on the training scheduler. The Cannabis Compliance Board along with Metrc will also have a series of in-person trainings. The Metrc training scheduler on the Nevada Metrc page will provide more details as they become available.

Are you a Point of Sale provider?

Metrc does have a way of recording sales but does not have a Point of Sale system. Metrc works with over 40 companies who have Point of Sale solutions.

Will Metrc work in the store for inventory or is it only for producers?

Metrc does cover transactions in all license types including cultivation, processing facilities, labs, retailers and dispensaries.

How much are the tags?

Plant tags are $.45 for plants and $.25 for packages.

What training materials can I download?

Training materials are available once a licensee has been credentialed into the system. Metrc offers manuals, state specific supplemental guides, lab guides and other instructional material. Metrc also has a YouTube channel that licensees can go to at any time. The 28 videos are between 5 and 8 minutes each and cover almost all areas of the system.

How do I get my credentials?

Licensees can email [email protected] to become credentialed after receiving their license from the State of Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. Metrc will provide more instructions about credentialing at that time.
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