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Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Launches Marijuana Catalog

The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) is pleased to announce it has launched the first version of a new Product Catalog that will provide the public with a comprehensive database of regulated marijuana products that are sold through the Commonwealth’s licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs) and Marijuana Establishments (MEs).

The regulatory platform, which is considered the first of its kind in the nation, is hosted through the state’s seed-to-sale system of record, Metrc, and will be embedded on the Commission’s website.

“When using the Product Catalog, any visitor, such as a parent, school nurse, or public safety official, will be able to quickly distinguish whether a marijuana product is available in our legal marketplace or not,” Commission Executive Director Shawn Collins said. “Licensees are strictly prohibited from producing marijuana products or packaging that appeals to children, including anything that would resemble a popular candy brand. I am confident this tool will support our ongoing efforts to expand public awareness in Massachusetts while promoting public health and safety.”

The Commission’s Product Catalog was designed to assist engaged stakeholders, such as school administrators, public safety officials, medical professionals, and parents, with identifying the source of legally produced cannabis merchandise. Under the Commission’s regulations, licensed Marijuana Product Manufacturers must provide information about the marijuana products they will produce and make available at wholesale, after receiving a provisional license and prior to commencing operations in the Commonwealth. Information must include:

Users will be able to easily look up an item on the Commission’s platform to verify its packaging and labels, ingredients, manufacturing information, which Product Manufacturers produce and wholesale the product in Massachusetts, and more. Marijuana product searches can be completed based on a product name, category, keywords, or other unique identifiers.

So far, more than 122,000 regulated marijuana products have been recorded in the Commission’s Product Catalog. The platform will update hourly with new information recorded by MTCs and MEs.

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