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Metrc Announces New Track-and-Trace Contract with Guam

LAKELAND, FL – November 15, 2021

Today, Metrc, the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the United States, announced a new contract with the U.S. territory of Guam. Guam is Metrc’s first client in the Eastern Hemisphere and its 17th government contract for a track-and-trace system.

“As America’s westernmost point and our first partner in the Eastern Hemisphere, we’re excited to rise to the challenge of this unique regulatory opportunity,” said Jeff Wells, CEO of Metrc. “Metrc is thrilled to be a partner with the Department of Public Health and Social Services as they continue efforts to effectively regulate and monitor Guam’s medical use market. We look forward to working with both regulators and licensed business owners to implement the island’s first cannabis track-and-trace program.”

Guam has had a legal medical cannabis program since 2014, when it became the first U.S. territory to adopt such a program. While Guam’s population is one of the smallest in the U.S., it’s a tourism hub for nearby Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. In 2019, before the COVID-19 outbreak, the island territory had its best year for tourism with over 1.6 million visitors, according to Guam Visitors Bureau.

“As an island territory and tourism hotspot, Guam’s cannabis market faces unique challenges when it comes to regulation and oversight,” said Department of Public Health and Social Services Director Arthur San Agustin. “We’re pleased to bring on an experienced provider like Metrc to help us bolster our compliance and enforcement efforts as this market continues to develop. Once our track-and-trace program is running, consumers can rest assured that the cannabis products they buy in Guam are safe and funding a legitimate business.”

Metrc now holds exclusive government contracts in every region of the United States, including Alaska, California, and Washington, D.C. While these areas may have diverse regulatory frameworks, they share the goal of creating safe, legal cannabis markets. And in that regard, Metrc continues to be the ultimate partner between regulators and business on their unique needs and goals.

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