“A main focus for [West Virginia’s] new track-and-trace program will be helping OMC regulators ensure no illicit cannabis products are sold in the medical cannabis market, and also that no legal medical cannabis products are sold unlawfully. Because Metrc’s system tracks every legal product back to the cannabis plant, OMC regulators can easily identify if an illicit product is introduced into the supply chain.”

“One of the most attractive selling points of Metrc is the company’s exclusive commitment to sell services only to regulatory entities. The company lived up to its commitment in Oregon and is an essential partner in our public safety, health and compliance work.”

“Using Metrc isn’t just about compliance, it’s about safety as well. If there is ever an issue with a product, then product recalls can happen in real time. Currently, OMMA would need to physically go and review the dispensary and farm paper records in addition to issuing a mass recall. Metrc allows regulators to closely monitor the market for dangerous products and get them off the shelves before they ever reach a patient.”