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March 29, 2023

Tips for common corrections in Metrc

Tips for common corrections in Metrc

When getting started in Metrc, changes to correct information regarding plants, packages, transfers, or sales may need to be made. While the Metrc Support team can provide guidance on these changes, and help with more complex situations, in some instances you can easily correct an error made in the system on your own, which will save you time in contacting support.

If you’re ready to expand your Metrc skillset, read on for the most common questions we receive from licensees where corrections can be made by the user, listed by the “sections” within the system.

Please note: not all features may be enabled or in use in your market, so it is always recommended to refer to your state’s rules, regulations, and specific Metrc system configurations before making corrections on your own.


Can an immature plant batch or harvest batch, if incorrect, be renamed?

To rename a mislabeled immature plant batch or harvest batch, select the “Rename” option and update it to the correct name you would prefer to have displayed.

Important tip! The name for either immature plant batches or harvest batches must be uniquely named each time.

Can a strain name be updated before harvesting?

If mislabeled, a strain name can be updated before harvesting during any previous growth phase. To update, select the “Change Strains” button, which is found within the Immature, Vegetative, or Flowering tab, and enter the Plant Batch Type and change the strain name to the correct one that you would like to be displayed.

What if the wrong plants were harvested into a harvest batch?

Depending on what previous actions have been taken, the “Discontinue” button, or “x” icon, in the Harvested Tab under the Plants section may be used to indicate which plant or plants you would like to “Restore” back to their previous state. This can only be used if it is within the time frame allowed by your state regulatory agency.

Important tip! In addition to state regulations and time frame allowed, if any of the following actions have been taken prior to attempting to restore plants to their previous state, the “Discontinue” button cannot be used and an error message will appear.

  • Created packages
  • Recorded waste
  • Tested
  • Finished the harvest batch

Example: Error message if an action has already been taken

Example: Error message if the time set by the state regulatory agency has lapsed


What if the wrong item is associated with a package?

To fix an incorrect item in a package, select the “Change Items” button, and make the necessary item correction.

Important tip! This action must be completed within 24 hours of the package creation.

What if a test sample was created with the wrong required lab test batches?

Select the “Change Req’d LTB’s” button to make the necessary changes and ensure the proper test results are recorded for the product.

When counting inventory, the wrong quantity amount was associated with a package. How does this get fixed?

You can select the “Adjust” button to indicate the proper quantity that the package ID represents. Adjustments can be either a positive or negative adjustment to a package ID depending on the discrepancy.

Important tip! Be prepared with reasoning for this change as all adjustments require a reason code, and in some cases, a note explaining the purpose of the adjustment will also be required. Some states may require licensees to report large adjustments, refer to your state’s rules and regulations if this is required.

A package was created that is no longer needed. How is this corrected?

Select the “Discontinue” button on the far-right side of the grid, and the quantity that was used to create the package will be restored to the previous package it came from.

Important tip! A package can only be discontinued so long as it hasn’t had another action (e.g. adjusted, submitted for testing, used in another package, or transferred) reported to it. If the package ID is discontinued, it will no longer be available for further use and will be stored within the “Inactive” tab for reference purposes only.

Corrections Involving Both Plants & Packages

How is inventory moved to a new location within the license?

Select the “Change Location” option within the Immature, Vegetative, Flowering, or Harvest sections, or the “Change Locations” option within the Active Packages section and update the location for the Plant(s), Harvest(s), or Package(s) selected.

Important tip! Within the Vegetative and Flowering plants sections, you can also make updates to all plants designated within a specified location if the change is applicable for all via the “Changes by Location”.


The wrong package, route information, driver or vehicle details, or destination was added to a transfer. How is this fixed?

As long as the inventory for transfer is still at the shipping facility and the destination license has not received the transfer into their inventory or the transporter has not marked the transfer as departed on the Transfers Hub (only applicable in certain states), select the “Edit” option to make the necessary corrections, or select “Void” to delete the transfer entirely. If voided, all packages that were placed on that transfer will be returned into your active packages inventory.

Important tip! The option to choose “Edit” or “Void” will not be available if the transfer has been received or the transporter has not marked the transfer as departed on the Transfers Hub (only applicable in certain states).

Retail Sales

How is a discrepancy in sales quantity, price, or date/time corrected?

To do this, select the “Edit Receipts” button and make the necessary adjustments to the Sales Receipt.

Important tip! If a quantity amount is changed, the difference will be reflected in the package ID from which the sale was reported. If you finalized the receipt, it would need to be unfinalized first.

Do you have other questions or need additional support?

We’re here to help! You can reach the Metrc Support team through the [email protected] portal.

For all media inquiries please contact [email protected]

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